Outdoor Spaces

A picturesque setting is essential to your vision. Most of the weddings at The Hazlehurst House take place in one of our exquisitely manicured outdoor gardens. You may choose to get married at the historical fireplace, which is what remains of Akie’s home. It has so much character and history and is a very unique location that makes for great photos. This setting is perfect for outdoor weddings and is best suited for intimate bridal parties that can accommodate up to 150 guests.

We have several other outdoor options that are better suited for larger bridal parties and can accommodate up to 300 guests: the English garden wall, the arbor, the front lawn of the historic house and our Veranda.

The garden takes in the view of all the beautiful outdoor elements of The Hazlehurst House. Choose from different backdrop options for your garden wedding at The Hazlehurst House. We have the arbor which glows with twinkle lights, making it exceptionally special for an evening wedding. And last, the front lawn is a great option set against the backdrop of the stately house and is the perfect location for a horse drawn carriage entrance.

On occasion, weather may not cooperate for your beautiful garden wedding, and in that event, we offer excellent and thoroughly planned out alternatives to allow you to still have a romantic and picturesque setting for your ceremony. Your planner will go over all of those options with you. In a nutshell, based on weather predictions, we have you make the final call 48 hours prior to your ceremony of implementing plan A or plan B. Both plans have been put together in a very organized system for our team to execute your beautiful day.

We have found over years of executing weddings that planning ahead with two great plans helps alleviate any anxiety and stress leading up to your day. We want to provide you with an uncompromised wedding day for you and your family!

Indoor Spaces

If an indoor wedding is more what you have in mind, we have two ballrooms and a lovely covered veranda with decking. The Grand Ballroom is quite elegant and depending on configuration, can accommodate up to 200 guests with spillover on the veranda, allowing for approximately 300 guests. Our Magnolia Ballroom is a more intimate space that can accommodate 80 guests for full seating or 100 guests with cocktail reception style. The veranda with its charming lighting is also an inviting space for a wedding, accommodating 75–100 with full seating or 100–150 with cocktail reception style.

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Historic Fireplace

English Garden Wall

Garden Arbor

Hangar Pavilion

Grand Ballroom


The Hangar

Gardner Peach Farm