Securing Your Date

Budgeting, Deposit and Payments

Budgeting for your wedding is definitely one of the biggest hurdles for most couples. We provide great tools in helping you determine what is a realistic budget for your event based on the things that are most important to you. There are a lot of tools online to help you come up with a budget, and we strongly suggest that you go through this process early on to help you get a good grasp of where and how to shop for what fits your budget. It will also help you prioritize where you want the bulk of your money to go. For example, some girls place most of their emphasis on flowers, some are more concerned with the bar, and some are most concerned about the formal dinner. By going through the budget exercise early, it helps you to think about what is really, really important to you and helps you stay focused and in budget to alleviate your being overwhelmed.


Taken by Tate

We are continuously doing our homework to ensure we are providing our clients a great product for a great value. The industry tells us that for planning, you should allow 52% of your budget to go toward your reception – the venue, or what some call the site fee, equipment rental, food, beverage and cake. The industry also tells us that your dress and attire should be budgeted at 9%, your floral and décor at 10%, your music/entertainment at 10%, your photography at 10%, your favors at 3%, your stationery at 3%, your wedding rings at 2% and transportation at 1%. You may want to take the budget you have and break down these numbers to see what that gives you for each category.

Once you have gone through this process, done your research, and chosen your venue, the next step is to secure your date. You don’t want your date to get away. We require a deposit to hold your day on our calendar of events and to secure the venue for you and your family. This deposit goes toward your wedding total.

The balance of your wedding can be taken care of in a couple of different ways. Some families find a monthly payment to be convenient and some choose to pay in three lump sums. The final payment along with final guest count be taken care of 20 days prior to your event.