Floral, Décor, and Detail

Of all the things that make your wedding unique and bring out your personality, it is your look: your inspiration details and flowers that tell your story.  There are no “standard setups” here at The Hazlehurst House. Each bride makes the venue pop with her own style. There are a lot of great tools out there to use and Pinterest is taking this process by storm!  Making an inspiration board should be your first priority once you have secured your venue. An inspiration board will help you narrow in on what elements you really want to showcase and help us all stay on track. It will even help as you shop for that perfect dress!

Two main factors that drive a floral budget are how many bridal attendants you have and your guest count. The average bride has four to six attendants, and that usually translates into about $1,000 in personal flowers by the time you add in corsages and boutonnieres. Your guest count dictates the number of tables at your reception which translates into table centerpieces. At the Hazlehurst House, our gardens are lush year round, providing a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony so you can choose to spend your floral budget on other areas.

There are so many creative ways get a look and maximize a floral and décor budget.

Preferred Designers will be provided during the planning process.

Preferred Photographer to capture your memories!  See link below.

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Project Duo Photography


Project Duo Photography


Project Duo Photography