Frequently Asked Questions

Are the wedding packages flexible?

Absolutely! We customize packages for each family based on individual needs and guest counts. We have put together starting packages to give you a place to begin and to help you establish budgets. Our goal is to put together a package that alleviates stress for you and your family.

How far in advance do I have to book my wedding date?

Technically, there is no “deadline”, but securing your desired date is key to being able to confirm all other vendors. Your venue is a key component to your wedding planning process and priority needs to be placed on securing your desired date and location as soon as possible.

Can I bring my own vendors?

We are a catering company that owns the venue and we also hold the liquor license for the venue. We do not allow outside catering or alcohol. You may bring in other vendors as long as they are licensed and insured. Proof of both will be required. This includes bakers, decorators, dj’s, bands, musicians, horse and carriages, photo booths, etc.

We highly recommend using venue vendors due to the stress it relieves in your planning process. Each vendor associated with the venue is professional and each has done many, many weddings and they specialize in flawless events for our brides.

If you choose to have a friend or friends help you with your wedding, we ask you to purchase special event insurance to protect yourself from unforeseen damages to the venue and workers comp insurance. Clients will need to sign an event partner contract if they are having friends or uncertified vendors supply services as well as provide proof of special event insurance for each person assisting with the wedding.

If I use an outside vendor, when can they set up and install?

They will be allowed access to the event space two hours prior to your event, no exceptions. They will also be required to have everything packed up 30 minutes after your departure. We do not provide storage space for décor, cakes, or equipment that is not provided by a venue vendor. The convenience of using venue vendors is that you don’t have to worry about install details. Venue vendors have unlimited access to the venue and their equipment is stored here.

Can we bring our own cake and is there a cake cutting fee?

Yes, you may bring in your own cake but we do not provide cooler storage space. The cake may arrive up to two hours prior to your event start time and your vendor is responsible for setting up the cake. We do charge a $2.00 per person cake cutting fee. When using the venue vendor for this service, you do not have to coordinate delivery times and the cutting fee is waived.

Do I have flexibility with menus?

Absolutely! You are not limited to what is in print. We customize menus based on the vision of your day and dietary restrictions.

Do you provide gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, keto, paleo, “clean protein”,  menus?

Yes, we do provide custom menus for dietary restrictions.

Will I get to do a tasting before my wedding day?

We do individual cake tastings at your second planning meeting.

Is there a discount for children?

Yes. Children 10 and under are half price of the catering allowance and 3 and under are free.

If there is any leftover food can we take it with us?

Health Department regulations prohibit us from sending home leftover food that is temperature sensitive. We send home leftover cake only.

What are your weather provisions?

On occasion, weather does not cooperate with our event schedule. We ask that you make a decision concerning the location of your ceremony and/or reception 48 hours prior to your event based on the weather forecast at that time. For example, if you are planning an outdoor ceremony, and the forecast does not look favorable, you could decide at that time to move your ceremony to our indoor space. This allows proper time for planning and ensures that your day is not compromised in any way.

How many guests can you accommodate?

The short answer to this question is up to 300. However, the style of your reception, whether that is buffet style, formal- seated, or cocktail style, will determine an appropriate guest count maximum for your event.

What types of linens do you provide?

Included in your package are white or ivory linens. Other linen selections are available thru partner rental companies for an additional fee. Your wedding planner will place the rental order for you and coordinate shipping, install and return shipping. Rental fees, install and shipping will be added to your wedding package.

What is the service charge and what does it include?

Our service charge is 20% and is added to each package. It covers the cost of staffing for your event as well as setup, breakdown and cleanup. The industry standard is 18%- 25%.

Do you provide any décor rentals?

Yes, we have wide variety of décor items available for rent. These are available when the venue is providing your floral and décor and décor rental items will be itemized out in your floral budget after your floral planning meeting. There is a fee for all décor items.


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From The Knot:

What is the cost of an average wedding today? I’ve heard it’s around $20,000. Is this off base?

“Though it depends on where you live, that figure’s really not that far off—it’s actually a little low. In a recent survey conducted by The Knot, it was revealed that the average wedding is now about $27,800. However, bear in mind that weddings cost more in large urban areas. This figure also includes those lucky brides and grooms who get $40,000-and-up weddings thrown for them, so that does slightly bring up the average.”

Catersource magazine also weights in on wedding budgets citing:

“The average wedding budget today as $27,021, up from $26,894, with $61 being the average per person spent on catering.”