Tastefully Incorporating Kids at Elegant Weddings

This topic comes up with almost every wedding that I do. You are having an amazing, elegant, evening wedding, with a full bar, and most of your guests have children, right? Instead of trying to figure out how to “not” invite them, without hurting anyone’s feelings, why not include them in a very special way that will benefit everyone! Chances are, your local daycare will have some staff members that would love to make a little extra money on the weekends. Think about it, if you “hire” a childcare professional, they are already used to entertaining kids that do not already know each other, they are great with group activities and most of all, they are fun! It wouldn’t be tacky at all to include this information in the invitation ~ in fact, it’s really gracious! Hand-write a personal note (don’t put in printed cards) to those with children. Say something like: “Marcie, we’re having a babysitter at the reception, so I’d love for you to bring Brian along! Let me know if that sounds like a plan. Can’t wait to see you! Love, Anne.” ~~ Your thoughtfulness will be greatly appreciated, even if your guests chose to not bring their children!

So, we are at the reception now, keep the kids entertained. Make a kids table, off to the side, from the main reception table set up area. Cover their table with white craft paper, add a centerpiece of a basket of crayons, non-permanent markers, stickers, and glitter glue! You might even consider kids creating a keepsake that can be framed. Also, have a reception meal option just for children. It may save you a chunk of change, and little kids are going to prefer chicken nuggets to chicken a l’orange anyway! Talk to your reception site manager or wedding caterer about your options. Many places provide special meals for children that cost half the price!!!Your guests will be able to fully enjoy your wedding, and everyone, including the kids, will have an evening of memories that will last a lifetime!

“Just not that into” tossing your bouquet?

       ~~A great alternative to “tossing the bouquet” is “The bouquet dance” or “anniversary dance” at your wedding reception. The idea is this: Your DJ or emcee invites all married couples onto the dance floor. After a few minutes of dancing, the DJ asks all couples who have been married for five years or less to leave the dance floor. After another few minutes, he asks all those couples married for ten years or less to leave the dance floor, and so on. Eventually, you are left with the longest married couple that then receives the bouquet. If you’re not into tossing your bouquet, this can be a nice way to involve guests of all ages in a feel-good event.

Style vs. Theme

There are styles to weddings, and the ever-so trendy “themed” weddings, are gaining popularity. The “style” of a couple can be rustic fall, shiny winter, colorful spring, or light & bright summer. You can have a “themed wedding”, without it being cheesy or dated.  A well planned and executed themed wedding CAN be timeless! For example, if you and your new spouse are going to Paris for your honeymoon, you can incorporate a few Eiffel Towers for Décor, theme the menu to a French Bistro style, and have soft colors to reflect a romantic Paris.




If you and your soon to be husband/wife LOVE Mexican food, you can certainly plan a classy Fiesta wedding with Red, and shades of Orange. Now, I’m not talking about a Piñata in the middle of the ballroom, or green Margarita glass lights all over the place, but touches of flair can make your wedding memorable for you, and will leave a lasting impression on your guests. So, don’t be afraid to have a themed wedding. Just throw all of your ideas together, and use touches of your theme. However, there is a fine line with a strong “theme” and going overboard. I would not advise an Eiffel Tower centerpiece on each table, and Eiffel Tower napkin rings……AND Eiffel Tower shaped Parmesan crisps for each Caesar Salad. That is too much. Well, now having said that, the Parmesan crisps would be great, but let that be the only thing on the table that is the Eiffel Tower…..there are many other things that symbolize a theme, just don’t over stimulate your wedding day with them. Less is more….and more, can be over the top.

~My Personalized Wedding Vows~

Lots of couples are avoiding the traditional wedding “ceremony script” these days, and writing a script that is specific to their lives & relationship. Obviously the MAIN part of that, is the exchanging of vows. Many brides would like to write and memorize their own vows, but honestly, when the wedding day gets here, memorizing a script can put a LOT of unnecessary stress on the bride and groom. You can write your own vows, and still say them as “repeat after me”. It’s quite simple, just hand your script to the minister. They are still YOUR words, without the stress. Your vows are your LIFETIME PROMISES, so make sure they reflect your lives.


˙·٠•●♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙


I’d like to share MY vows to my husband. I wrote them, and included my new stepdaughter, Bailey.


You are my best friend, playmate, confidant, inspiration, accomplice and my true counterpart


You are the love of my life, and you make me happier than I could ever imagine….


and more loved, than I ever thought possible.


You have made me a better person, as our love for one another is reflected in the way I live my life.


I promise to love and care for you, and I will try in every way, to be worthy of your love.


I promise to help shoulder our challenges


I promise to encourage your individuality.
I promise to be honest with you, kind, patient, and forgiving.


I promise to respect and honor you


I promise unconditional love and trust, through sickness and health, sorrow and success


I promise to be your partner in all things


Not possessing you, but working with you, as a part of the whole.


I promise to maintain a healthy home, and nurture our family


I promise to love Bailey as my own, and always have her best interests at heart.


I am truly blessed to be a part of your life, which as of today,


becomes our life together, until the day we take our last breath.
My sweet Kenneth, I pledge to you my faithfulness, my love, and my life.


This is my sacred vow to you.




Calla Lilies in Weddings

When bridesmaids carry Calla Lilies, it is VERY important that ALL the gals hold them the exact same way, since the Calla it is such a long, slender, thick stemmed flower, it is VERY noticeable if one bridesmaids flower is out of uniform, MUCH more so than the classic assorted bouquet. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but any way you decide to carry them, they must be uniform, or TRUST me, you will get your wedding photos back , and they will look very sloppy. (We stress this at the rehearsal, and practice with thick sticks…or toilet plungers, whatever we can use, to make sure the gals understand the importance) Look at the 3 examples in this pic. You can carry them “pageant style” (like a baby, side of your forearm), or with one hand on the top (about 2 inches from the base of the bloom), and the other hand toward the bottom (especially if there is centered ribbon, or greenery, on the stem) or with both hands at the base, as you see in the pic with the red dresses….Some Brides use ribbon at the base of the Calla bloom (pictured with black ribbon) and some use ribbon in the middle of the stem. Seriously, I could give an hour PowerPoint Presentation on Callas, in weddings! 😉



3 Wedding Trends for 2011

No matter if your wedding is going to be lavish soiree or a relaxed event with a small crowd, you most certainly want to have a great time and make sure your guests to do. With that in mind, here are some trends you might find helpful and even a bit liberating when planning your wedding.


Seating is Changing
While it used to be standard to have round tables of a certain number. usually 10, as a standard, this is quickly changing. Brides are choosing to mix up the table size and style. There may be a combination of different chairs, or even a different type of table – some round, some triangular, etc.
Not only is the type of seating changing but also the rigidity of assigned seating. Most wedding guests want to move around and mingle with others. So, a common trend with weddings is to ditch assigned seating.

Keeping the Party Going
If you are having an evening wedding, hire a DJ instead of a band. This will help to keep the party going late in to the night. You could even set up a bar with after dinner drinks, coffees, etc to help guests hang around.
Now, here’s an interesting idea if you want to make a couple days out of it. Rent out a home with a great locale for the weekend. Think of a mansion in the North East in early fall or even a house on the beach.
People should really try to utilize space. You can hold a event in one room, a dinner in the other, or host a bunch of other activities in different places and at different times, like an exclusive loft. It really makes the event more fun and allows the excitement to last for days.

Anything Goes…well, almost anything
Rules and formalities have pretty much gone out the window with today’s weddings. While you still want a classy affair, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Try changing things up a bit. Stay away from the routine. Perhaps you toast yourselves rather than have someone else do it.
Guests will find it more interesting being kept on their toes, not exactly sure what is going to happen next.