About Hazlehurst House

Our lives unfold as stories, and we get to choose how we want our stories to be written. The Hazlehurst House wants to be a part of your story.

The Hazlehurst House is a breath-taking, vintage wedding venue, nestled just outside of Atlanta. Our luscious outdoor grounds and beautiful historical house make for a magical outdoor wedding!  We take pride in ensuring that every aspect of your special day is meticulously prepared for so that there are no mishaps, only cherished memories.  Many brides fear that their busy lifestyles may keep them from planning the wedding they have always desired, but The Hazlehurst House specializes in all-inclusive wedding packages so that no bride will have to lift a finger.


This estate, located in McDonough Georgia, originally consisted of 231 acres and was purchased for $130 by Ezekiel Cloud. Shortly thereafter, Abner Davis of Jones County, Georgia purchased the property from Ezekiel. Abner built The Hazlehurst House and several small living quarters. Abner passed away in 1834, and his wife sold the property to Col. G. W. Bryan in 1869.

The Hazlehurst House still gleams to this day with so many original features, including hand blown windows, original wooden floors and walls, original fireplaces and mantels, and it still has the remnants of the one of the servant quarters, Mrs. Akie, who was so fondly thought of by the Bryan family. Mrs. Cornelia Hutton Hazlehurst, the granddaughter of Col. G. W. Bryan, inherited the house and put it on the map for what it is today. She was a fun-loving southern belle who loved to entertain. The house was the hub for parties and social events in the community. If there was a big, fancy event in the town, more often than not it was here at the Hazlehurst House.

Cornelia and her husband never had children, so she invested a lot of her time giving back to the community, sharing her time and talents with others. She also spent a lot of time with the children of her servants, as they were referred to at the time, as she loved children very much. We have record that she sent at least one child to college and she also paid for the first “fancy church” African American wedding in McDonough, complete with fresh flowers in the church, an aisle runner made from a bed sheet, and a spread of delectable food. She had so much fun planning that wedding which was for Akie’s granddaughter, Cornelia, named after Mrs. Cornelia Hutton Hazlehurst.

It is interesting to note that The Hazlehurst House was also utilized as a hospital during the Civil War between the states and is filled with artifacts dating back to that time in our history. Some of the items found on the property are letters written by soldiers, love letters, legal documents, photos, sketching in the blown glass, firing ammunition, knives, etc.

The Hazlehurst stayed in the Hutton/Hazlehurst family until 1990s when it was purchased by a developer and his daughter, Priscilla McCammon. Priscilla and her family restored the house as much as they could to its original condition and added a large ballroom that can accommodate approximately 200 guests. Over the years, bits and pieces of the property were sold off and the property now consist of three acres. Finally, the property was purchased by its current proprietor, Felicia Watts, who has made many improvements to create the ambiance and event space that it is today. As fate would have it, it is being utilized today for much of the same purposes for which Mrs. Cornelia used the house: entertaining and grand celebrations!