Every Girl needs to SPARKLE

We couldn’t say good-bye to February without a little SPARKLE. It’s the perfect time of year to glitter everything up. The glitter madness starts in December for Christmas and New Years and rolls on over into February. BUT we think a wedding always warrants a little sparkle or maybe a lot. There are so many ways to add some sparkle to your day and how much is completely up to your individual style. You can wear your sparkle or use it as a decor element. Let’s show you some ideas….

GlitterHow elegant and sultry is this? Dress yourself or your bridesmaids in sequins from head to toe and your wedding is sure to turn heads. Glitter1You may want to add pops of SPARKLE throughout your day in various places. The cake table is always a great place to add a statement linen like this. How fun is this glitter arrow pointing  to the reception sight or leading your guests to the ceremony?

We suggest picking a glitter tone first. There are more than you think. Gold, rose gold, silver or gun metal are probably the most popular.

Wear your sparkleSilver is so pretty paired with a bright pop of color.

334059c86c42e01839902118d7339ff4What a pretty mix of rose gold paired with true gold.

04d06553c991da159ebaf60a3628f9c5This is a true, soft gold. We love how it’s paired with white flowers and the clear acrylic chairs.

8df25e12c158b4ae96a57cfb994e1117The last picture is a pretty gun metal; it’s a much darker silver tone.

photo credit 1  2  3  5  6  7  8

Glitter makes everything prettier so what girl doesn’t need a little sparkle on her wedding day? Consider adding glitter to your wedding, you won’t be disappointed 😉

Happy Tuesday!

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It’s sure to make your reception POP

Forget a Candy Station and get a Popcorn Station. If you’re looking for a fun and different approach to your wedding menu or even your wedding favors, this is it! Utilize varieties of popcorn and/or toppings in place of traditional appetizers during your cocktail hour OR provide baggies for your guests to scoop up and take with them for the ride home.

In place of the traditional appetizers, you may want to offer a Popcorn Bar and let your guests dress them up to their taste buds with some of these scrumptious topping ideas: cinnamon sugar, grated parmesan cheese, brown sugar & chili powder, popcorn salt, basil oil, garlic oil, chili oil, popcorn butter, chopped bacon, candies etc… It’s fun and interactive for your guests and will leave them talking for weeks.

If you like the idea of providing popcorn as your favor, you can set up traditional base flavors in apothecary jars such as cheese, movie-theater, and caramel with assorted toppings and candies

What about a Spiked Popcorn Bar for adults?…With flavors like rum caramel and tequila lime.

Your popcorn buffet, station or bar is sure to be a hit and you have so many options to make it your own creation! Of course, we have tons of pictures to help inspire you 🙂

popcorn7 popcorn1popcorn2popcorn5popcorn4popcorn3popcorn machine

We even have one of these popcorn machines here at the Hazlehurst House for you to utilize and make your next reception POP 😉

photo credit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Happy Friday and have a poppin’ weekend!


Winter Red

February. It’s the love month after all. So, we found it fitting to give you a little inspiration to get it kicked off. Now, we know, red can be so bold, so harsh, so cheesy and so RED. But it can also be so romantic, so rustic, so feminine and so chic if mixed with a little soft pink and done right. Let us show you….

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

I don’t think we need to explain. This bouquet pretty much says it all.

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

rusticvalentines1 rusticvalentines2

If you’re in love with this look as much as we are, click here to see more.

As if that wasn’t enough to convert you over to RED, check this out….

Source: Rachel A. Clingen

Source: Rachel A. Clingen

We love how rustic, romantic, and frosty this image feels and it’s nothing but red mixed with a few different tones. Click here to see more of this beautiful stylized shoot by Rachel Clingen.

With the recent snow here in the south, makes us want a snow wedding. Imagine how pretty the pictures would be!?

One last thing, have any brides checked out this cool site specifically for weddings, WeddBook? It’s like Pinterest but just for brides. Happy Pinning…or Weddbooking 😉

Now, go show that special someone just how much you love them.

Happy Love Month!

The Bachelor Wedding- Sean and Catherine

It’s been a week since The Bachelor Wedding and we haven’t stopped dreaming over how beautiful it was. If you didn’t watch it, do it now here.

Aren't they gorgeous!?!

Aren’t they gorgeous!?!

Obviously, we can’t all have ABC pay for our wedding while having Mindy Weiss plan every detail with us and have the fabulous Mark’s Garden as our florist and have an unlimited budget in the process. So, this got us thinking. How can we get Sean and Catherine’s look for less?

From the gorgeous ceremony back drop…SCceremonySCceremony1…To the unique seating for guests….

Photo credit: Mindy Weiss on Instagram

Photo credit: Mindy Weiss on Instagram

…And even their trendy naked wedding cake.

photo credit: wedding guests on Instagram

photo credit: wedding guests on Instagram

When trying to re-create a look for less, think about what you liked most. Was it the dreamy, draping fabric? If so, you might like this

photo credit: unknown from Pinterest  We love this picture because it encompasses so many elements from Sean and Catherine's ceremony....chandeliers, roses and draping fabric.

photo credit: unknown from Pinterest

We love this picture because it encompasses so many elements from Sean and Catherine’s ceremony….chandeliers, roses and draping fabric.

Or, you might like this

photo credit: http://www.neworleansweddingsmagazine.com/real_wedding/varsha_and_marlin.aspx

photo credit: Pinterest

Or something a little more simple like this

photo credit: pinterest StyleMePretty.com

photo credit: pinterest

Maybe it was all those roses and flowers that caught your eye. If so, you might like this

photo credit: Pinterest unkown

photo credit: Pinterest- unkown

or this

Photo credit: Pinterest - unkown

Photo credit: Pinterest – unkown

Now, onto that seating. IT. WAS. GORGEOUS! And so different. We loved the mix of the gold chiavaris with vintage love seats and even the touch of end tables scattered throughout. If you’re anything like us, our favorite was the vintage furniture. But let’s get real, we can’t all afford to have real furniture for all of our guests to sit in for only 30 minutes one day. So, what if you just designated that for your reserved rows- parents and grandparents. Then, do a mix of slip covers for your chiavaris and not all of them have to have a cover. Catherine had two or three covers on hers and some without anything. Look at all the unique cover options

photo credit: Pinterest- unkown

photo credit: Pinterest- unkown


photo credit: Pinterest- unknown

photo credit: Pinterest- unknown

photo credit: Pinterest bridalguide.com

photo credit: Pinterest

These are just a few. The ideas are endless.

Finally, that naked wedding cake. Does anyone else remember our local McDonough celebrities, Matt and Ginny? You can keep up with them here. Well, they had a naked cake before naked cakes were cool.

photo credit: Graceology Wedding at Hazlehurst House

photo credit: Graceology
Wedding at Hazlehurst House

Ladies, this is one part of Sean and Catherine’s day that you can re-create without cutting any corners. Yep, naked cakes are completely affordable.

Until the next bachelor wedding… we’ll all keep re-creating this one.

If you want a behind the scenes peak of their big day, check out Sean’s sisters blog here.