Wedding Cake Designs are Ever Changing!

Some elements of weddings remain traditional and are timeless, but the cake is not one of them. You can look back at a relative or friend’s wedding album and you can tell a lot about the era the person got married by the cake design, hair styles and wedding dress.  The three seem to change drastically over time.

We are seeing cake trends go to a smaller compact design with a lot of wow!  Sugar flowers, bling and texture are in!  The smooth buttercream with fresh flowers on top is out!  The presentation of the cake itself is also dramatically different.  Elegant cake pedestals are definitely in!  Some of them look very much like what your grandmother may have displayed her famous pound cake on when you were a child.  The vintage glass is hot!!  Jewels are also very popular.

As you search for the perfect cake, take into consideration a few things right off the bat.  You will usually find one of the following and it is important to know the difference:

  • commercial bakery
  • boutique bakery
  • reception hall caterer

A commercial bakery usually has very limited designs and flavors and cost a lot less.  You will probably not find the most trendy of designs with a commercial baker and the flavor is usually ok at best.  We find that the cakes are not quite as durable and it is sometimes scary who they send to deliver, if they even deliver at all.

With a boutique baker, you will find a lot of creativity and flexibility as far as design and they can usually recreate anything.  You will pay more, but you will be able to captivate your personality.  We find that the service is much better and that brides are usually very delighted with the end result. The old saying  that you get what you pay for is very true with wedding cakes.

A caterer/reception venue can often provide a good product, but keep in mind that chef’s specialize and it is difficult to find a chef that is good as catering/food in general and can also bake.  They almost don’t exist. So, ask the question of your venue, do they do the cakes in-house or have they partnered with someone who specializes in pastry.  You may be surprised.  You may be getting a caterer and a boutique bake all in one!  Make sure you know what you are getting, that you have seen their work and had a cake tasting.

Food for thought!!

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