“Purple Reigns”


As of late, we can almost answer the question before we even ask…..

Us: “Congratulations on your wedding!”

Bride: “Thank you!  I am so excited!”

Us:” Have you decided on your colors?”

Bride: “Oh yes, Purple!”

What is it about the Color Purple?

So many Brides have chosen the ever beautiful deep amethyst color this year paired with colors like bright green, silver and black. It is beautiful with these accent colors.

 Purpleis the color of royalty in the West. Originally difficult to produce, purple is rarely found in nature. Because of its long associations with riches and honor, deep hues of purple remain a popular wedding, reception, and special event color. Light purple evokes romance and magic.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of whether you should follow a color trend, or go with the colors you love. Indeed, if you follow wedding blogs, pour over wedding publications, and devour wedding books with the passion of many of today’s brides, you’ll soon realize that there are so many color “trends” in any given season, some version of your favorite colors are likely to be represented in there somewhere.

Ideas for choosing the right purple for the season:

Spring-Lavender, Summer-Lilac, Fall –Bordeaux, Winter-Grape

In a nutshell, the colors you choose should speak to you and should make you feel excited. You should love looking at them in a look book or on a palette. If you can accomplish that early on as a first step in the vast array of wedding planning details, it will make every other step less stressful and more enjoyable for you and your vendors.

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