Recent Bridal Testimonials

Recent Testimonials

 What was the moment that you knew you HAD to book with us? What pushed Hazlehurst House to the lead position in your mind?

The location and appearance, the promptness, flexibility and how sweet the staff is, and the all-inclusiveness 🙂 you guys make wedding planning fun and as stress free as possible! ~ Jill Yevick

My wedding planner, the beautiful choices of outdoor ceremony, the all-inclusive packaging 🙂 ~ Alicia Adams

 When i walked in the door and the staff immediately made me feel at ease and like family. I was so relieved to know there was someone there to help me every step of the way and was able to answer every question. ~ Katherine Conkle

The moment I met Gayle. She made my family and I feel so welcomed and treated us like absolute royalty. I love that Gayle and other staff members will be planning with us every step of the way 🙂 ~ Emily Doebereiner

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