Winter Weddings – Why Not?

If you have received a ring in the months of December to March (Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day or even St. Patty’s day – if you’re lucky!) then you are probably wanting to pick a wedding date that gives you time to plan but doesn’t make your engagement last forever. Consider a winter wedding!


Peak wedding season has traditionally been April-June and October, but if you just received your ring in February, that might be a tight turn around for you. Why not consider breaking away from the norm and getting married in November, December or January? Here are some great benefits:



    1. Vendors and facilities are more likely to be available during “off season”


    1. They are also more likely to offer a seasonal discount or a winter package that saves you money


  1. During the holiday season you can find great items for favors and decorations  – stores are full of goodies  that match the season


Additionally, décor and color schemes can be rich and vibrant. There is no need to stick to traditional red and green if that is not your flavor! You can use rich jewel tones, lush fabrics such as a velvet and velour, and sparkle, sparkle, sparkle – metallics are totally in for winter weddings! Also for a different spin, try a light blue with brown to mix warm and cool colors into your winter theme.


So why not winter? You can’t beat great seasonal discounts, wonderful color choices, and easily accessible décor!

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