Style vs. Theme

There are styles to weddings, and the ever-so trendy “themed” weddings, are gaining popularity. The “style” of a couple can be rustic fall, shiny winter, colorful spring, or light & bright summer. You can have a “themed wedding”, without it being cheesy or dated.  A well planned and executed themed wedding CAN be timeless! For example, if you and your new spouse are going to Paris for your honeymoon, you can incorporate a few Eiffel Towers for Décor, theme the menu to a French Bistro style, and have soft colors to reflect a romantic Paris.




If you and your soon to be husband/wife LOVE Mexican food, you can certainly plan a classy Fiesta wedding with Red, and shades of Orange. Now, I’m not talking about a Piñata in the middle of the ballroom, or green Margarita glass lights all over the place, but touches of flair can make your wedding memorable for you, and will leave a lasting impression on your guests. So, don’t be afraid to have a themed wedding. Just throw all of your ideas together, and use touches of your theme. However, there is a fine line with a strong “theme” and going overboard. I would not advise an Eiffel Tower centerpiece on each table, and Eiffel Tower napkin rings……AND Eiffel Tower shaped Parmesan crisps for each Caesar Salad. That is too much. Well, now having said that, the Parmesan crisps would be great, but let that be the only thing on the table that is the Eiffel Tower…..there are many other things that symbolize a theme, just don’t over stimulate your wedding day with them. Less is more….and more, can be over the top.

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