Southern Ladies: We are, What we ARE!

Y’all know that, in the South, the ladies of the family, both sides, are really the “glue” that makes it one big fat happy family, right? We know our place as a wife, and we know our duty as a Southern Woman. 
So, when you think about it, it’s quite silly that the women of the brides family, and the women of the grooms family, have their FIRST meeting at the rehearsal dinner, or worse, at the wedding! (Heavens NO!) Have a “Women of the Families” luncheon or dinner!
Again, as you know, in the South, cousins, best friends, old friends, etc, are all “Aunts”, so WHY NOT have ALL the women of the Brides family AND the Grooms family, have a luncheon, prior to your wedding? It can be a month before, or 3 months before your wedding.
Either way, “merging” the families is very important, and having special day for just the “Women” will be more valuable, and meaningful, than you can EVER imagine. If you think about it, and actually make a list, that includes your bridesmaids, your mothers, grandparents, sisters, aunts, cousins, and close friends, on BOTH sides, you very well may end up with about 50 people.
It’s something that can be planned very easily, and executed seamlessly, but the relationships that will begin, loving memories maintained, are PRICELESS! It’s all a part of building one big happy family!
It DOES still exist!
In fact, these Women of the Family luncheons/dinners should happen, at least once a year. It could save some money on therapy!



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