Unique & Memorable Ideas for Wedding Favors

Brides, keep in mind that MEN actually come to your wedding too, so candle favors really don’t excite them. Wedding Favors are all about presentation and making it personal and useful. So, you can put a lottery ticket & a fortune cookie in a beautiful box with a personalized bow…..A bottle of the couples favorite BBQ sauce can look elegant, if you pkg it right! Does the mother of the bride have THE BEST peach pie recipe, EVER? Package up fresh peaches, and attach the recipe, printed on layered vellum, and cut the edges with Scalloped Scissors. Attach a short story about the family recipe ….. You MAY spend LOTS of money on monogrammed candles & mints, that will just be thrown away ;-(  We’ve all done it.~~~~~~~Another idea…It is PERFECTLY okay, and actually more personal, if you SEND the “wedding favor” with the Thank You Note (after the wedding), INSTEAD of having a stack, or basket full of favors at your reception. For example: if you Honeymoon in the Cayman Islands, buy Rum Cakes in bulk, and send a boxed mini-rum cake along with your thank you notes. This way, you will not be looking at a basket of leftover favors, at the end of your wedding.

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