Rethink Bridezilla Behavior

David Tutera does a wonderful job in his book, The Big White Book of Weddings, depicting the importance of why a bride wants to rethink the whole bridezilla behavior. 

“You have spent so much time, money and energy on making this day perfect and your behavior should reflect how much of a perfect bride you are to match! Proper grace is too often overlooked, and people make decisions that are inappropriate at their wedding.

Check any bridezila tendencies at the door; this is the time to wear your most gracious smile and turn up the charm!  While it is your wedding and you should have plenty to smile about, even the most put-together bride has a few moments where smiles don’t come naturally.  When those times come, be prepared.  Think Princess Diana….Make a list of the classiest women you have seen handle drama in the public eye.  Channel a bit of their poise to help prepare you to handle anything and be the “hostess with the mostess”.

You will be “on stage” with people watching you every moment of the day, so handle it calmly and with style.  No temper tantrums, crying episodes or fits of hysteria!  Avoid drinking too much alcohol.  Curb the smoking.  There is nothing more jarring than the sight of a bride in a beautiful dress with a cigarette in her mouth!  If you need to do it, hide!  If you are stressed, don’t show it in anger or abruptness; meet it with a positive demeanor, no matter how difficult, how rude that guest was to wear white on your wedding day, or how late the florist is.  What might be important to you now might not be important to you in twenty years when you are replaying your wedding video and see your outburst.  You want people to remember you as pretty, polished, elated, thankful, fun and in love all day long!”

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