Lighting Makes Your Event


Lighting is a way to take your event to a entirely different level.  If done right, it can be very elegant.  Added with a touch of draping, and your event will become magical.  Many brides think that lighting is an over-the-top expense that isn’t worth it; however, lighting is one of the best things you can do for any event.  It can take your event from drab to fab instantly! Lighting is what makes an event visually stunning.  Sometimes lighting is more important than decor when it comes to transformation of a venue. If buget is an issue, focus on the dance floor, tables, food and entertainment area.  

There are a few lighting terms you will want to become familiar with in doing your lighting research: gobo (monograms), rig/lighting trusses/lighting trees, uplighting, pinspots, washes and gels.  If you can’t afford to hire a lighting company, ask your venue if any special affect lighting comes with the venue as part of the package deal.  You might be surprised!  And remember, decor is like a jigsaw puzzle.  Do your homework and align yourself with great professionals.

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