I’ve never met a Cupcake I didn’t like before…..

 Cupcakes have officially made a comeback, and in a MAJOR way. They have moved from the “kids section” in the back,  to front and center of fabulous window displays, of bakeries, across America. No matter what flavor cupcake, or color of icing, you can do SO MUCH with them at your wedding reception, and really make your “Cake Table” stand out, in more ways than one. When I had lunch with David Tutera, he and I talked about wedding cakes and cupcakes, for about an hour. He prefers to put the cake table in the MIDDLE of the room, maybe across from the dance floor, closer to the sweetheart table/head table, or even at the entrance to the reception area, depending on the room layout. We talked about the cake being more of a centerpiece for the room, than tucked in the corner. I completely agree with him, I’m tired of seeing these amazing cakes in the corner of every ballroom. 

Below are some pics of cupcake weddings. Notice that the top tier, is still the “cake” so you still have a cake, for the bride and groom, to cut together, as tradition goes!

You can tier the cupcakes, you can do candle groupings, with flowers….the options are endless! Notice the Champagne, tiered tassels, and edible table decor in the first pic below. LOVE IT! You can do as many flavors as you want!  PLUS you will save the “cake cutting fee”! Yet another way to make your wedding unique, guest friendly, actually have a VARIETY of cake flavors, AND save money! So, now that I have cupcake fever, I think I will go to my favorite bakery, and just sample the “Fall Line” of Cupcakes….tee hee…No, I’m serious! And I will absolutely make another blog entry, with pictures of half eaten cupcakes!…..so, on that note, To be Continued….                                                         ……   


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