Calla Lilies in Weddings

When bridesmaids carry Calla Lilies, it is VERY important that ALL the gals hold them the exact same way, since the Calla it is such a long, slender, thick stemmed flower, it is VERY noticeable if one bridesmaids flower is out of uniform, MUCH more so than the classic assorted bouquet. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but any way you decide to carry them, they must be uniform, or TRUST me, you will get your wedding photos back , and they will look very sloppy. (We stress this at the rehearsal, and practice with thick sticks…or toilet plungers, whatever we can use, to make sure the gals understand the importance) Look at the 3 examples in this pic. You can carry them “pageant style” (like a baby, side of your forearm), or with one hand on the top (about 2 inches from the base of the bloom), and the other hand toward the bottom (especially if there is centered ribbon, or greenery, on the stem) or with both hands at the base, as you see in the pic with the red dresses….Some Brides use ribbon at the base of the Calla bloom (pictured with black ribbon) and some use ribbon in the middle of the stem. Seriously, I could give an hour PowerPoint Presentation on Callas, in weddings! 😉



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