That Arrangement looks good enough to EAT!

Most weddings have a cocktail hour between the ceremony and the reception. This is a GREAT opportunity to incorporate a “spare idea” or anything that will separate your wedding from all the others. Consider using an “edible arrangement” on your guest book table. We’ve all seen them as corporate gifts, birthday gifts etc, but think about it logically, when it comes to your wedding. It will act as décor, adds another option to the cocktail hour menu, and will actually be eaten! Most wedding color schemes can be found in melons, berries, cheeses and of course any fruit dipped or drizzled, in white or dark chocolate. If you have a display table, with pictures, etc, place an arrangement there, as well. Most cocktail hours only involve butler passed hors d’oeuvres, so this will be an asset to the flow of the cocktail hour, for your guest to actually help themselves. The fruits and cheeses come arranged on a skewer anyway, so it’s perfect for standing…and as far as budget is concerned, it gives you the opportunity to upgrade a menu item, and add more of those little “bacon wrapped thingys” everyone seems to love. Know what? Go nuts and use them as centerpieces for each table! Just surround the base with votive candles.


(Not pictured: a variety of doughnut holes throughout the “skewers”…. helloooo bonus!)



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