3 Wedding Trends for 2011

No matter if your wedding is going to be lavish soiree or a relaxed event with a small crowd, you most certainly want to have a great time and make sure your guests to do. With that in mind, here are some trends you might find helpful and even a bit liberating when planning your wedding.


Seating is Changing
While it used to be standard to have round tables of a certain number. usually 10, as a standard, this is quickly changing. Brides are choosing to mix up the table size and style. There may be a combination of different chairs, or even a different type of table – some round, some triangular, etc.
Not only is the type of seating changing but also the rigidity of assigned seating. Most wedding guests want to move around and mingle with others. So, a common trend with weddings is to ditch assigned seating.

Keeping the Party Going
If you are having an evening wedding, hire a DJ instead of a band. This will help to keep the party going late in to the night. You could even set up a bar with after dinner drinks, coffees, etc to help guests hang around.
Now, here’s an interesting idea if you want to make a couple days out of it. Rent out a home with a great locale for the weekend. Think of a mansion in the North East in early fall or even a house on the beach.
People should really try to utilize space. You can hold a event in one room, a dinner in the other, or host a bunch of other activities in different places and at different times, like an exclusive loft. It really makes the event more fun and allows the excitement to last for days.

Anything Goes…well, almost anything
Rules and formalities have pretty much gone out the window with today’s weddings. While you still want a classy affair, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Try changing things up a bit. Stay away from the routine. Perhaps you toast yourselves rather than have someone else do it.
Guests will find it more interesting being kept on their toes, not exactly sure what is going to happen next.

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