The LOOK is Priceless

Something about the way a groom looks at his bride for the first time is so heart warming. Here in the south, we need any kind of warming we can get right now.

Let your hearts be melted 😉

First Look 4ee9e7433f969b1d1368566c6ff48218 7a06dccf44d17406c117a90a71407a4c 79e4e416e1e63b0025e56768f742cc7f 97dff51f68128a49838838e4a821df24 0345 39951032ae0b59e8d7bf075f80d17024 b72ab8b42dee32c1c7b4dcd4c8d607cb fd830dbec2e1f7e8e525d690862b19be fd6889aaeef488a521fbf02c0345ca7dLadies, I know if you’re married this is one of your most cherished pictures from your wedding day. If you’re not yet married, make sure your photographer captures this moment for you. Our men aren’t always the best at expressing their love so these kinds of pictures are an everlasting memory and proof 🙂 That first look is PRICELESS!

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We wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day with your honey tomorrow!

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