Motivation for the Married

This is a little different but we all need it…

Our church started a special series this month on the “Picture Perfect” family. Perfect for the ‘love’ month 😉 . Since most of our readers are engaged or married, we found it only appropriate to share it with ya’ll. I mean, we all can use a little motivation every now and then, right? Right! …Because if we’re being honest, relationships aren’t always the easiest to navigate. All relationships require our attention in order to be successful and our marriage is no exception. We want every couple that gets married with us to be successful and if this message helps you, we want to share it.

If church and Jesus is your thing, then this message is sure to be your thing. If it’s not, we’re sure it will encourage you, too!

If you’re the type that likes to get to the point, you can easily skip the music to get straight to the sermon (the message starts about 31 minutes into it). Click for MESSAGE


This message was from last Sunday but if you like what you heard, click on over here and listen to yesterday’s message and stay tuned for the upcoming messages.

Watch out for a giveaway coming up very soon!

Happy Love Month!


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