Calla Lilies in Weddings

When bridesmaids carry Calla Lilies, it is VERY important that ALL the gals hold them the exact same way, since the Calla it is such a long, slender, thick stemmed flower, it is VERY noticeable if one bridesmaids flower is out of uniform, MUCH more so than the classic assorted bouquet. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but any way you decide to carry them, they must be uniform, or TRUST me, you will get your wedding photos back , and they will look very sloppy. (We stress this at the rehearsal, and practice with thick sticks…or toilet plungers, whatever we can use, to make sure the gals understand the importance) Look at the 3 examples in this pic. You can carry them “pageant style” (like a baby, side of your forearm), or with one hand on the top (about 2 inches from the base of the bloom), and the other hand toward the bottom (especially if there is centered ribbon, or greenery, on the stem) or with both hands at the base, as you see in the pic with the red dresses….Some Brides use ribbon at the base of the Calla bloom (pictured with black ribbon) and some use ribbon in the middle of the stem. Seriously, I could give an hour PowerPoint Presentation on Callas, in weddings! 😉



That Arrangement looks good enough to EAT!

Most weddings have a cocktail hour between the ceremony and the reception. This is a GREAT opportunity to incorporate a “spare idea” or anything that will separate your wedding from all the others. Consider using an “edible arrangement” on your guest book table. We’ve all seen them as corporate gifts, birthday gifts etc, but think about it logically, when it comes to your wedding. It will act as décor, adds another option to the cocktail hour menu, and will actually be eaten! Most wedding color schemes can be found in melons, berries, cheeses and of course any fruit dipped or drizzled, in white or dark chocolate. If you have a display table, with pictures, etc, place an arrangement there, as well. Most cocktail hours only involve butler passed hors d’oeuvres, so this will be an asset to the flow of the cocktail hour, for your guest to actually help themselves. The fruits and cheeses come arranged on a skewer anyway, so it’s perfect for standing…and as far as budget is concerned, it gives you the opportunity to upgrade a menu item, and add more of those little “bacon wrapped thingys” everyone seems to love. Know what? Go nuts and use them as centerpieces for each table! Just surround the base with votive candles.


(Not pictured: a variety of doughnut holes throughout the “skewers”…. helloooo bonus!)



Rethink Bridezilla Behavior

David Tutera does a wonderful job in his book, The Big White Book of Weddings, depicting the importance of why a bride wants to rethink the whole bridezilla behavior. 

“You have spent so much time, money and energy on making this day perfect and your behavior should reflect how much of a perfect bride you are to match! Proper grace is too often overlooked, and people make decisions that are inappropriate at their wedding.

Check any bridezila tendencies at the door; this is the time to wear your most gracious smile and turn up the charm!  While it is your wedding and you should have plenty to smile about, even the most put-together bride has a few moments where smiles don’t come naturally.  When those times come, be prepared.  Think Princess Diana….Make a list of the classiest women you have seen handle drama in the public eye.  Channel a bit of their poise to help prepare you to handle anything and be the “hostess with the mostess”.

You will be “on stage” with people watching you every moment of the day, so handle it calmly and with style.  No temper tantrums, crying episodes or fits of hysteria!  Avoid drinking too much alcohol.  Curb the smoking.  There is nothing more jarring than the sight of a bride in a beautiful dress with a cigarette in her mouth!  If you need to do it, hide!  If you are stressed, don’t show it in anger or abruptness; meet it with a positive demeanor, no matter how difficult, how rude that guest was to wear white on your wedding day, or how late the florist is.  What might be important to you now might not be important to you in twenty years when you are replaying your wedding video and see your outburst.  You want people to remember you as pretty, polished, elated, thankful, fun and in love all day long!”

Why We Love Etsy

There are all sorts of cool items to found on And we love the personalization and uniqueness that items from Etsy bring. It may be a bit difficult to search for specific items, but there are definitely lots of funky goods to be found. Here are 5 items from Etsy that we love.

1. Stone Place Cards

Rather than have the same place cards that you see at all weddings, these are a cute alternative. And, a souvenier your guests can treasure long after your wedding.


2. Signs

How cute is this sign? I look at it and want it at my wedding!


3. Something Blue

You gotta have a “something blue.” While these shoe stickers may seem like a splurge, it is a mini-splurge at only $12. And they make for great photos!

3 Wedding Trends for 2011

No matter if your wedding is going to be lavish soiree or a relaxed event with a small crowd, you most certainly want to have a great time and make sure your guests to do. With that in mind, here are some trends you might find helpful and even a bit liberating when planning your wedding.


Seating is Changing
While it used to be standard to have round tables of a certain number. usually 10, as a standard, this is quickly changing. Brides are choosing to mix up the table size and style. There may be a combination of different chairs, or even a different type of table – some round, some triangular, etc.
Not only is the type of seating changing but also the rigidity of assigned seating. Most wedding guests want to move around and mingle with others. So, a common trend with weddings is to ditch assigned seating.

Keeping the Party Going
If you are having an evening wedding, hire a DJ instead of a band. This will help to keep the party going late in to the night. You could even set up a bar with after dinner drinks, coffees, etc to help guests hang around.
Now, here’s an interesting idea if you want to make a couple days out of it. Rent out a home with a great locale for the weekend. Think of a mansion in the North East in early fall or even a house on the beach.
People should really try to utilize space. You can hold a event in one room, a dinner in the other, or host a bunch of other activities in different places and at different times, like an exclusive loft. It really makes the event more fun and allows the excitement to last for days.

Anything Goes…well, almost anything
Rules and formalities have pretty much gone out the window with today’s weddings. While you still want a classy affair, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Try changing things up a bit. Stay away from the routine. Perhaps you toast yourselves rather than have someone else do it.
Guests will find it more interesting being kept on their toes, not exactly sure what is going to happen next.

Love Letter 1900’s

My Dear Nellie:

I can’t wait until I get home before I address you.  I arrived in the “burgh” Wednesday.  When I took the cars to Jonesborough, I accidently met an old female friend from Twiggs County, now a student at Madison.  The name is Miss Kate McNellum.  She was accompanied by a college friend with whom I became acquainted, but I assure you my heart was not impurified, even if my mind was.  I think I will go home tomorrow being somewhat obliged to remain to have my guitar mended.  I found it broken when I got to Jonesborough. 

You remember Mr. Weaver do you not, who once was stationed in McDonough – a preacher?  Yes, well, I saw him also the other day and yesterday.  You are perhaps aware of the fact that the Baptists hold their convention in town today and until Tuesday.  A great many old men who feel with importance the mighty weight they are sustaining in the cause of Christ are visible on the streets promenading consequentially and seemingly pratting sage subjects.  Alas!  Delusional, delusional, why has thou such a strong hold on the public mind and shoot thy poisoned arrows of superstition into the crediting hearts of ignorant fools?  I believe, Nellie, there is indeed much consistency in the faith and profession of some preachers, but alas!  Where vanity has a showing, rejected yet, pure religions lurks wholly in the shadow.  But I will stop this – I left you with a sad, but hopeful heart.  I may, indeed, experience the heart harrowing pang of sorrow for a while, yet the genial light of hope will dawn on my lonliness wherever the bearing of memory steals over the incidents of the past and linger with brightened brightness on our last sweet interview.

Our hearts may be different and you remember me only as a transient, say in your experience, and when the parting horn shows out its retiring light, yet so long as life shall last, in this embodiment of true love and devotion, my heart will even throb more wildly to the recollection of your loved self.  I have been incredulous long enough.  I confess I have felt the pangs from the belief that you have never truly loved me and my God.  The recollection pangs me, but I humbly trust we now know each other.  I am confident dear Nellie, that you have always known me and I am glad it is so.  I am one who can with difficulty hide my feelings of the heart and sometimes I am very impulsive.  I need to think you would always remain true, because you had said you would.  I know, or at least think very strongly, that you will adhere to whatever you say.  My thoughts are on the future as well as the past.  My heart beats anxiously to the evolution of the index on the dial plate of time.  Are you hopeful of the future dear Nellie?  Please deal with me candidly. 

My love to your mother.  Direct to my old address – Jeffersonville.  Goodbye.

Yours fondly in the pledge of love,